Pitek-Lösung Kft


About us

Our company started to produce prototype parts mostly for automotive applications in 2010. We have experience in design, development and manufacturing processes. We manage all of our services in one hand: from the customer’s request we make an offer for the optimal solution. We design (CAD/CAM), produce, assemble and test our products and our custom-bulit machines.


In our production shop we have a lot of challenging and special parts to manufacture, so we use various processes and machines.

CNC machines:

Conventional machines: Technologies wich are provided by our partners:
EDM machining, Laser cutting, Special welding processes, Heat treatments: Hardening, Vacuum Hardening, Case hardening, Nitriding Surface treatments: Black oxide coating, Zinc coating, Anodizing, Polishing, Laser marking



HU-2944 Bana, Zrínyi Miklós utca 5
Production: Bana, Külterület 0180/5/A/3.
GPS: 47.648991, 17.907789
E-mail: info@pitek.hu